The Field

Can we really all be connected by the same
energy field, the same power, the same
consciousness? Even with countless odd
occurrences happening around him and
a supernatural awareness blooming within
him, Eric Horton still finds the concept
hard to believe. But he must open his mind
to all the possibilities before him if he is to
succeed in saving what he could never
forgive himself for losing.

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Can a spirit from the past come back to help us solve a problem in the present?

Coming 2021


Marcie is spending her summer working on the archeological dig that her mother runs: Angel Mounds, a site of an ancient indigenous civilization. Soon after she arrives, she meets some intriguing individuals, and becomes wrapped up in a supernaturally-charged mission to save the planet from the destruction man has brought upon itself.
Available June 2020!

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Winking at the Moon

Last fall I went to a public star gaze with the Indiana Astronomical Society to do research on my novel, THE FIELD. Eric, my protagonist, goes to a public star gaze and I wanted to get a feel for what it would be like. It was a wonderful night! The amature astronomers were so generous...

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A Walk in the Woods

Last weekend my husband and I went on a hike through Eagle Creek park on the Eagle Creek reservior. It had warmed up considerably and melted all the snow we’d gotten over the holidays, so it was very muddy and wet. There was actually standing water on some of the trails and it was drizzily outside...

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Dog in the Compost Pile

Here’s a story from last summer. Guess what I found in the compost pile? Ernie The Dog! I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and I heard a quiet ‘woof’. I didn’t see Ernie anywhere, but then I heard the ‘woof’ again. I checked outside and this is what I found. Ernie loves corn-on-the-cob...

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Wool Scarves and Mittens

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since May! So much has been happening. My son and daughter (twins) left for college in September and I finished the rought draft of my novel THE FIELD featuring Eric Horton, the older brother of Marcie from INDIAN SUMMER. More on THE FIELD to come in another post. Here...

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