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American Book Fest Finalist – Science Fiction

I’m thrilled to share that The Field was named a Finalist in the American Bookfest Book Awards Science Fiction category!! Whoo Hoo!! It’s good to be loved. Check out The Catalysts Series!! ...

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Traci Harding Endorsement – The Catalysts Series

I’m very excited to share this endorsement for The Catalysts Series (The Field, Book I and Catalyst, Book II) from Traci Harding, Australia’s #1 Sci-Fi Fantasy author!!! More than just stories, Tracy Richardson weaves quantum theory into the everyday to life altering effect. What may seem a fun tale is a subtle lesson in creating ...

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UFOs, UAPs, ETs – What are they?

I believe in extra-terrestrials. In other-worldly beings. Read Catalyst if you want to learn more about how I think they are already interacting with us. I think it’s naive, even silly and especially self-important to believe that in the vast universe we inhabit we are the ONLY evolved, intelligent beings. Most people I talk to ...

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Tracy and Traci Virtual Event -Tuesday, 4/13!!

Tonight’s the night! Tuesday, April 13th at 7:00pm EST Join the fun as Australian Sci-fi Fantasy author Traci Harding and I discuss all things sci-fi, fantasy, esoteric and metaphysical. We’ll throw in a little bit about the Zero Point Energy Field, and alternative universes and states of consciousness for good measure! Zoom links below. I’m ...

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