Hiking Shades State Park

Last weekend my husband and I went on another hike in one of Indiana’s beautiful state parks. Shades State Park is about an hour’s drive west of Indianapolis on Sugar Creek. To get there we drove through miles of flat farmland, but the park itself has gulleys, canyons and gorges. Really beatiful! I particularly loved all the spring wildflowers.







It was definitely a rugged trail. Ibuprofen was my friend for several days afterwards!








We had to climb ladders to get through several of the gorges.




Overlooking Sugar Creek.

Winter Hike

It snowed six inches in central Indiana on Friday, so my husband and I went for a hike in Brown County Indiana. We weren’t going to be deterred by a little snow! Well, acutally I was. We hiked four miles of the total six mile trail. I just couldn’t slog through any more of the six inches of virgin snow. We did see several hunters, though. It is somewhat disconcerting to be out in the beautifully silent woods and come upon five men in camo with bright orange accessories, all toting riles. We didn’t see any deer. They were smart enough to stay hidden.














The reward was having lunch at the famous, but inconveniently located Story Inn.




Hiking Morgan Monroe Forest

Last weekend my husband and I took advantage of the glorious Fall weather to go on a three hour hike in the Morgan Monroe Forest. The colors were wonderful and the hills were challenging. I’m still sore three days later, but it was worth it!




There were ravines and caves.



Ponds that reflected the impossible blue of the sky.


Lots of moss – on the trees, on the rocks and covering the ground next to the trail. And then my favorite – fungus!


Could this be any more intricate and beautiful?

And science geek that I am, I even looked up the name of the tree with three pronged leaves that covered the forest floor – the Sassafrass tree!


I absolutely love Fall!

A Walk in the Woods

Last weekend my husband and I went on a hike through Eagle Creek park on the Eagle Creek reservior. It had warmed up considerably and melted all the snow we’d gotten over the holidays, so it was very muddy and wet. There was actually standing water on some of the trails and it was drizzily outside. Not many other hikers were out, but there were a few runners and we saw several deer.
walk in the woods 1-12-2013 001


This stream was quietly serene and beautiful.

walk in the woods 1-12-2013 004


The raindrops gathered prettily on the branches.

walk in the woods 1-12-2013 002

This little waterfall made lovely music.

walk in the woods 1-12-2013 016

walk in the woods 1-12-2013 011

And these gentle deer watched us curiously while they foraged for food.