Can we really all be connected by the same
energy field, the same power, the same
consciousness? Even with countless odd
occurrences happening around him and
a supernatural awareness blooming within
him, Eric Horton still finds the concept
hard to believe. But he must open his mind
to all the possibilities before him if he is to
succeed in saving what he could never
forgive himself for losing.

Can a spirit from the past come back to help us solve a problem in the present?

Coming 2021

Marcie is spending her summer working on the archeological dig that her mother runs: Angel Mounds, a site of an ancient indigenous civilization. Soon after she arrives, she meets some intriguing individuals, and becomes wrapped up in a supernaturally-charged mission to save the planet from the destruction man has brought upon itself.
Available June 2020!

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Research Trip – Washington DC

Research Trip – Washington DC

I’m working on Book III of The Catalysts series. It will be from both Marcie and Eric’s perspectives. Marcie is in Washington, DC and Eric is in France. I’m heavily into the Research portion of the writing process!! I LOVE research!! Before Social Distancing for COVID-19 started I took a research trip to Washington DC ...

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The Field E-Book Released!

The Field E-Book Released!

The Wait is Over! You can now read The Field on your E-reader of choice! Perfect timing for our voluntary Social Distancing! Order your copy today! Amazon E-Book ISBN 978-1-61254-447-2 Take care, stay safe and keep positive friends! Read, read, read!! ...

Grand Mix of Genre and Plot Lines

Grand mix of genre and plot lines Four Star Review of The Field by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews. Richardson pens a great story in The Field, which is written for the YA reader, but I enjoyed it as well. I haven’t read anything from this author before, and I really enjoyed this story. The characters were ...
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