THE FIELD Blog Tour – Something out of the Ordinary

The Novel Publicity Blog Tour for The Field is underway! This reviewer really ‘got’ that the novel is both a realistic tale of the struggles of a teenaged soccer player with making the team and dealing with the real issue of his friend’s spiral into drinking, and also a science fiction/metaphysical tale.

“I really liked this very different YA read, that I would also consider a NA [New Adult] crossover due to the weighty nature of scientific/metaphysical storylines. Yes, this book also deals with “normal” teen subjects: dating (no sex); drinking; families in transition: sports; school, etc…. but it  was the unusual metaphysical elements of “The Universal Field” that a large part of the story revolved around.

 I would recommend this book to YA readers who want something out of the ordinary, who question how the universe works, are interested in science and science fiction and who are open to new ideas.”

~Tracy Riva’s Blog


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