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“It’s like knowing without thinking.” ~ Eric Horton from THE FIELD

I thought I would share some quotes from my novel The Field about connecting with the Unified Field and ‘All That Is’. I hope you enjoy them and perhaps they will make you ponder.

This one is when Eric is describing what it feels like when he’s in the soccer goal and he simply knows where the ball is going.

“I don’t want to make too big a deal about it with Will, but sometimes I just get a feeling of knowing. It just flashes into my head. Maybe it’s from years of playing, but when it happens it feels different then reacting on instinct without thinking. It’s like knowing without thinking.” ~ Eric Horton, The Field

Do you have this kind of intuitive knowing or connection? I’d love to hear what it is like for you.


2 thoughts on ““It’s like knowing without thinking.” ~ Eric Horton from THE FIELD”

  1. Once, I was golfing with coworkers (a team building exercise) and we were told that, on a certain hole, a prize would be given to whoever hit the ball closest to the pin. Though I’m not an experienced golfer, I knew I would win the prize. I just knew. Sure enough, when the time came, my drive landed about 10 inches from the pin.

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